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Micro IOA now avaliable

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More and more, the Internet is being used to virtually connect all aspects of our lives and make it instantly accessible from anywhere in the world. The IO Anywhere family of ethernet devices offer the capability of easily connecting the real world to the internet. An IO Anywhere device is adaptable to a wide array of tasks through simple browser configuration pages. The following table only illustrates some of the uses that an IO Anywhere device excels at.


Simple, inexpensive, O/S independent, robust, with lots of feedback. Perfect for tutorials from browser interface to low level TCP/IP, UDP programming exercises.
Order confirmation, two independent displays and serial ports, all from one box. Drives 100' of SVGA cable. Optional LCD _ keypad station also supported.
Protocol Converters
Send/Receive on any port using one protocol and message is relayed on any port using another. (ethernet/ethernet, ethernet/serial, serial/serial)
Through onboard I/O _ A/D connect to existing machinery and it's online. Display critical operating parameters, and machine control functions locally and across the network.
On board LCD _ keypad drivers along with extensive I/O capabilities make installation and configuration a snap.
Remote Sensing
GPS ready and ultra low power, coupled with satellite/WiFi transceivers allow for robust and efficient field operation. Max 56 measurement channels.
IO Anywhere devices are unmatched in flexibility. Even the 15 pin video connectors are re-programmable to serve different functions. (ethernet to printer controller, laser /video sync generator, HVAC regulator and monitor, ...)
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